The Constitution of India (English) free PDF download

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The Constitution of India (English)

The Constitution of India is the best constitution of India. India is the only country in the world, in which every religious get equal rights. India is the only country in the world in which contain the maximum number of the religious. Unity in diversity is the best identity of India in the world. The constitution is a living document, an instrument which makes the government system work. Its flexibility lies in its amendments. In this edition, the text of the Constitution of India has been brought up-to-date by incorporating therein all amendments made by Parliament up to and including the Constitution (Ninety-fourth Amendment) Act, 2006.

Important Aspects:

  • Equality before the law.
  • Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.
  • Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment.
  • Abolition of Untouchability.
  • Abolition of titles.
  • Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.
  • Right to education.
  • Protection in respect of conviction for offenses.
  • Protection of life and personal liberty.
  • Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.

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