(Civil Services) Mechanical Engineering Paper 1 Preparation Book Pdf Download

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(Civil Services) Mechanical Engineering Paper 1 Preparation Book

Today we have brought the (Civil Services) Mechanical Engineering Paper 1 Preparation Book Pdf Download. R.K Rajput is the well-known writer in the Mechanical engineering field. The strength of material or Mechanics of solid is the same thing. This book is Quite enough to a student for self-study.

At the end of each chapter, highlights, theoretical questions and many unsolved numerical problems with their answers have been added and given for the students to practice them. Three advanced and well-known topics–stresses due to the rotation in thin and thick cylinders, bending of curved bars and theories of failures of the materials have also been added. In this, the body is set up under several loading conditions and fracture point is being checked under various loading condition. In Strength of material, the detailed study of a body is done under various condition.



  • Equations of Equilibrium and Statics
  • Friction
  • Kinematics and Dynamics


  • Analysis of Plane Mechanism
  • CAM
  • Gear and Gear Train
  • Flywheels
  • Governors
  • Balancing
  • Vibration


  • Stress, Strain and Elastic Constants
  • Shear Stress and Bending Stress
  • Principle Stress and Strain, Mohr’s Circle
  • Theories of Failure
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Springs and Column


  • Static and Fluctuating Loading
  • Bolted, Riveted and Welded Joints
  • Shafts
  • Brakes and Clutches
  • Belt Drives


  • Structure of Solids and Defects
  • Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
  • Phase and Phase Diagrams
  • Heat Treatment of Steels
  • Strengthening Mechanism and Failure in Materials
  • Organic and Ceramic Materials


  • Metal Cutting
  • Metal Forming
  • Welding and Casting
  • Engineering Metrology
  • Non-Conventional Machining Methods
  • NC, CNC, JIG, and Fixtures


  • Break Even Analysis and Inventory Controls
  • Scheduling
  • Production Systems and Queuing Models
  • Facility Layout and Line Balancing
  • Forecasting
  • PERT & CPM
  • Work Study and Work Measurement
  • Linear Programming
  • Transportation & Assignment Models
  • MRP-l & ll, JIT and Value Analysis
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • TQM, Supply Chain Management and Reliability

The language of a book is quite easy and clearly understandable. The book plays an important role in the study of a body under various loading and unloading conditions. There is no printing mistake in the book from starting till the end, the diagrams are clear and well labeled. Superb book good value for money. It is a great book for making the fundamental concepts clear and easy to understand. The concepts are easy to understand and the language is simple and clear.

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  • Book Name:  (Civil Services) Mechanical Engineering Paper 1 Preparation Book Pdf Download
  • Publisher: Made Easy
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 268 Pages
  • Size: 101 MB
  • Format: PDF File

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(Civil Services) Mechanical Engineering Paper 1 Preparation Book Pdf Download

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